journey ends here.

Due to the recent Instagram's new limitations, we are forced to stop.
During the past years, Instagram slowly introduced more and more limits on how everyone can access to their data.

On 20 November 2020 they introduced a very unforgiving block about hashtag data.

We tried everything and did the best job possible to overcome this problem, but there is no feasible solution.
RiseDecoded strenght always been the ability to give you thousands of realtime analytics and true hashtags from a simple keyword.

We put our heart in this project and aimed at the best service and quality possible.

To listen and encourage you helping us building together the best Instagram Hashtag Research Tool.

To help you even for free, if you had any problem.

We don't want to compromise or decrease those standards, by giving you an inadequate or old data tool to comply with the new limitations.

We don't want you buy a product that is not giving you real value for you and your Instagram accounts.

So, sadly, RiseDecoded's journey ends here.
If you bought a Premium Speed Plan and have an active subscription, don't worry.

We will cancel it so you will not be charged in the future.

We will contact you by email and refund all the partial or full import of the remaining unused days after the 20 November 2020.
If you ever partecipated in the Discord server, sent us an email, or simply used the software, thank you very much!

It was a pleasure and a great adventure, where we learned so much.

We hope RiseDecoded helped you and we wish the best for your Instagram journey.

The two founders,

Francesco and Nicknames
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Honesty and integrity is such a rare thing in this day and age, so sorry to hear what's happened. God Bless you and may be prosper you in other ways :))

Nicolas Belluscio

Thank you very much

Ana Mihaljevic

Sad to hear this, I just wanted to start to use the software. Thank you guys anyway, I wish you all the best!


why instagram very disappointed 🙁


Great product while it lasted


hi. why i cant found a update?