Go Viral on Instagram using secret Hashtags

The only software you'll ever need to find the best hashtags for your account.

Honestly now, is this the way to find the best hashtags?

Steal hashtags from your competitors

✖  Time-consuming 

✖  Not personalized

✖  Overused

Generate hashtags from poor online tools

✖  Old data

✖  Few results

✖  Expensive

How much are wrong hashtags costing you?

You spend a lot of time crafting the perfect post, but without proper hashtags, it reaches very few people.

This means lost opportunities and limited growth potential.

What if you could search for every keyword you want to find outstanding hashtags with complete analytics?

RiseDecoded Hashtag Research Tool is the only free software with all the features you need to discover unknown hashtags that makes your posts go viral.

Search for one or multiple keywords.

Insert as many keywords as you want, choose from normal or deep search and press the purple button "Search".

Every keyword will wait in the queue to be processed until the previous one finishes.

Create your hashtag set to extract the best ones.

When the search is finished, use the Extractor to create a new Hashtag set.

You can define which keywords, parameters, and rules to apply to choose your specific account's best hashtags.

Paste hashtags ready to use for your next post.

You can now polish the set removing wrong hashtags.

When you are done, simply copy/paste your hashtag set to your post and enjoy the organic reach increase.

And if you ever need any help?

I'm always available to personally reply to every question you have. Send me an email at [email protected]

If you don't know how to use the software, you can follow the official tutorial to get started.
Join "The Network", the official RiseDecoded discord server, for an open and inspiring environment around Instagram.

Meet, discuss and learn from people like you the best strategies and help build the next features of the Hashtag Research Tool.

Not your average hashtag research tool.

Realtime results

Unlike other tools, when you search for a keyword, you are requesting live data from Instagram.

Unlimited searches

Search as many keywords as you want. You can also save your favorite keyword to find them faster.

Related Hashtags

For every keyword inserted, you can find up to 600 related hashtags.

Intuitive interface

Get started in minutes and use the software like a pro thanks to the simple interface.

Powerful analytics

Average likes and comments, engagement, post count and much more.

Hashtags Tracking

You can repeat the search of a keyword every day to see how it's changing and spot trends.

Language support

As long as your keyword exists on Instagram, you will be able to analyze it.

Community driven

Join the discord server to see the latest news, report bugs and propose features you need.

The best part? 
The software and every feature it's free forever.

My mission is to help as many people as possible to achieve better results on Instagram using and understanding hashtags.

That's why I created this free software.

In the Free Plan, one keyword search take an average of 40 minutes to complete because it's sending one request at a time using only your Internet connection.


Need faster searches? 
Premium speed plans available.

I didn't want to divide the software in a free and a pro version, that's why every feature is available for free.

But based on feedback from 1000+ users who used the previous versions of the Hashtag Research Tool, I know that research speed for someone is essential.
For example, you are:

● a consultant or an agency with a client who wants to publish a last minute post.
● managing multiple accounts and need to publish 5+ posts everyday.
● working or finding clients on Instagram and understand how valuable your time is.
You can choose from 3 premium speed plan for a small monthly fixed price.

No undisclosed fees or rules, you can cancel whenever you want, and I'm always available to talk if you have any problems.

High Speed

~10 min/keyword

400% faster
than Free Plan
buy now

Ultra Speed

~3 min/keyword

1600% faster
than Free Plan
buy now

Extreme Speed

~1.30 min/keyword

2600% faster
than Free Plan
buy now


Do you have some question about the service? Look here first.

A "Windows protected your pc" blue screen appears when I try to run the software.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the premium plan?

The software and all features are available to everyone for free.
You can test and use the software extensively before deciding if buying a premium plan is a good fit for you.

A premium plan will only speed up your searches, so I can't offer refunds.
However, if you have technical problems or other motivations in the first 24 hours, send me an email, and we will find a solution for you.

Can I use the premium speed plan license on unlimited devices?

You can use every premium plan on maximum one device at a time. However, you can deactivate your license on your first device and activate on your second one without any problems.
If you need to use a premium plan on two or more computer at the same time, you will need two or more license.

What if I need more than one license?

You can order how many licenses you want. Just repeat the same quick process for every license you need. You will find your multiple Product Order API Key in your My Account page.

How can I pay? Is it secure?

I use Stripe as a payment gateway on this website, so it accepts all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country. Stripe is certified to the highest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses around the world.


If you have any doubts or a specific request that stop you from ordering a custom niche, contact me using the form below. I will reply personally to every question.

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