New Features: 
Deep Search, Custom Methods and more in version 3.3

A new update with powerful features has just arrived.

They will make you find more hashtags and, at the same time, give you more control on how to extract the very best ones.

Let's jump in.

New Feature - Deep Search

If you used the software in the past, you know that you can find up to 600 related hashtags for every keyword researched. This is now the Normal Search.

If you go to the "New Search" panel of the software, you will notice a new "Search Mode" option.
You can now choose from the Normal Search and the Deep Search.
What is that?

In a few words, you can find up to 1500 related hashtags from every keyword.

A Deep Search takes on average three times more than a Normal Search, but it's a good deal for more hashtags founded.

Remember that more data = better results for your Instagram account.

In the "Keywords" panel, you will now instantly see if a keyword is researched using the Normal or Deep Search by a badge near the name.
When updating a keyword, you can choose the search mode using an handy popup:
Passing to the "Extractor" panel, you can see which keywords are researched with the Deep Search by its icon near the name.
When it's time to update your keywords, you can choose the Search Mode for every single one. The Estimated time will be updated accordingly.
If time is not a problem for you, or if you use a Premium Speed Plan, use the Deep Search mode for all your keywords to gain even better results than before.

New Feature - Custom Methods

When you research some keywords and create a new Set using the extractor, you need to choose a method to extract hashtags.

Up until now, you could choose from three predefined methods. They work great, and you can continue to use it.

But there are some cases where you need specific hashtags.

Well, now you can create your own custom method!
There is a brand new section where you can create, manage, and delete your custom rules.
Creating a custom method is really simple, but at the same time, really powerful.

You can choose from different parameters to create every rule you can imagine.

Let's say, for example, you want to extract 30 hashtags by this custom rule:

-10 hashtags with post amount greater than 10000 and min likes lower than 500.
-10 hashtags with min comments lower than 50.
-10 hashtags with max likes lower than 1500.

Here's how you can easily do in the custom rules section:
That's it.

Click on the gold button "Select" in the top right angle of the software to use it to extract your hashtags, as you defined.

You can also share your preferred custom rules with friends or other people by exporting and importing them.
This will open a lot of new possibilities for your Instagram account ;)

New Feature - Hashtags Previews

The last part of every hashtag research is to polish the extracted hashtags by blacklisting the wrong ones.

It's completely normal to find hashtags that are not related to your content.

You can understand them by the hashtag name.

For example, let's say your keyword is "car", you can find hashtags like #carslondon but also like #carmenyoga.

Obviously, the second one is not related to your search, so you will blacklist it by clicking on the x before the hashtag.

Sometimes, it's not that easy to spot bad hashtags.

With the previous version, you needed to click on the hashtag, go to Instagram to check the content, go back to the software, and blacklist it if it was not related to your content.

Doing that for multiple hashtags can easily take a lot of time.

That's why the RiseDecoded Hashtag Research Tool now has a new feature called "Hashtags Previews"!

On your set, in the Extractor Panel, simply hover your mouse over the hashtag you want to check.
This will help you decide in seconds if that hashtags will be blacklisted or not, without ever leaving the software.

I bet you'll love this.

Please note that to see the first 6 images in the tooltip, keywords present in the hashtags set needs to be no more than 24 hours old.
Another reason to maintain updated your Sets.

Improvement - Bugfixes

The software was tested extensively on Windows and Mac.

A bug where researching keywords with less than 5 hashtags found that would stick the search forever is now fixed.

A lot of tooltips were updated to reflect the changes from the new features.
That's all!

I hope this new version will help you find better hashtags for your Instagram account in less time than ever.

Now I want to know your opinion:

What's your favorite feature right now?

Please let me know now by leaving a comment below.
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