Niche Page System:
The Future of Organic Growth on Instagram

A new way to grow your account backed by Big Data
This is the ultimate system to grow your Instagram account in 2020.

So if you want to:

- Gain new engaged followers
- Avoid action blocks

- Spend less than 15 minutes a day
- Monetize your account

Then you will love the Niche Page System.

Let’s dive right in.
If you're reading this, it means that you're struggling to grow your account.

You tried to follow/unfollow. You tried to buy some followers. You tried engagement groups.

But nothing seems to work.

What if I told you, the best way to grow your account is... to start a new account?
Wait, what?

I already hear you yelling at me something like: "But I already spent so much time and effort on it, and you want me to start all over again? It's not going to happen."

Don't worry, it will not replace your account but will be working hard for it. I will explain it better in a second.

What worked in the past?

Without knowledge of the past, there is no future.

I will try my best to keep this section short, but it's important to know what methods worked in the past years and their current limitations to craft a superior and new system.

Fan Page Method

Back in 2014/2015, different marketing agencies working for models and celebrities brought this method from other platforms to Instagram.

Remember that in those days, Instagram automation was easy and cheap. Also, the follow/unfollow method would give you a pure 50% follow back rate while performing a high number of actions every day.

So how does it work? I will explain it with an example.

Let's say you are a model in sunny California, and you want to grow fast your Instagram followings, to be recognized as a "celebrity" (or influencer as they say now) and attract more significant work opportunities.

To fulfil your dreams, the marketing agency will create hundreds of new accounts instead of working on your principal profile.

Why? Because hundreds of other accounts will be set as a Fan Page of your main profile.

They will repost your images and mention your main account in their bio. They will do automation like follow/unfollow and send DMs 24/7 to attract new potential followers.

One single Fan Page account working all day to promote your main account means a good number of new followers on it.

Imagine it with 100 Fan Page accounts. Now with 500. Try with 1000.

You will probably start to understand the potential of this method. Also, your main account is entirely safe from risks of automation. The best of both worlds.

It's not a surprise that many models reached 1 Million (and more) followers in under a year.

Mother/Child or Mother/Slave Account Method

Now we'll jump to 2017/2018. Instagram is growing every year and always becoming more critical in your life. Also, powerful automation software is becoming available to everyone.

The Fan Page method starts to become famous. Smaller agencies, also individuals, begin to offer it. The Mother/Child method is essentially the same as the Fan Page method, but also applied to standard brands, not only to models or celebrities.

Accounts are not necessarily set as Fan Page, but just as "child" or "slaves", promoting the main account in different ways.

Automation now is more complicated, with more restrictions and limits. Every few months, the agency needs to figure a way out to overtake new Instagram rules.

Apart from these problems, this method still rocks, and you can gain thousands of new followers every month.

Why can't I just use these methods?

Well, you can if you want. These methods still work today.

But there are severe problems and limitations right now using them.


The key to these methods, from a few months, it's almost impossible due to strict Instagram limits. It means minimal interactions and lots of action blocks and shadowbans.


If you want to do it yourself, you must be an Instagram automation expert. You need to know about every little step and continue to adapt to survive the inevitable changes.


The price for software, proxies, accounts and your time increased extremely comparing to last year. If you hire an agency for you, it will surely cost thousands of dollars every month.
You spend months, tests after tests, hundreds of hard-earned dollars to build your child accounts, only to wake up one morning and everything is gone. Instagram changed his limits and even if you try to do just one single follow, your account is blocked.

If instead, you trust an agency to do the work for you? Even if they initially assure you that will not be any problems, the problems come. Not enough followers for what you paid, bad quality and not engaged. All of this if the service doesn't stop for weeks without explanations.

Is this really the end of Instagram?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. 
Albert Einstein

You are probably thinking: "This is too hard. Instagram's decisions will most likely push businesses pages to another platform. I heard something about TikTok. It's better to switch now?"

I agree. Instagram nowadays is hard.

It's hard if everything you want is making quick bucks and followers using automation with hundreds of bot accounts.

But what if you are using Instagram, the way it's supposed to be?

I say manual actions, human behaviour, posting high-quality content and using proper hashtags.

Not the typical "guru secret advice" you probably had read in some article right?

But even if this was for real the ultimate strategy to grow on Instagram, what does "high-quality content" means? How can you know if one hashtag is good or bad?

I'll show you exactly how to do that in a minute, but first I want to tell you a little story.

Towards a new way of thinking

I also asked those questions and tried to come with answers for months.

I started my journey on Instagram automation years ago. I was doing exactly what others were doing and getting average results.

One day I stumbled across a broken and primitive source code on a forum. It was a simple hashtag finder. I tried to make it work again, and after a few days, I succeeded.

I ran the software, extract the results and tried on one of my Instagram accounts.


A little but noticeable increase in likes and comments.

Very few people were talking about hashtags at the time, but something inside me pushed to test more and more.

Fast forward to six months of hard work, and I'm releasing "Hashtag Research Tool" for various niches on the same forum and my website for free.

Myself, but more importantly, lots of other people, are surprisingly increasing their results and engagement.

For example, this is one of my Fortnite accounts (August 2018). I built it reposting content, little follow/unfollow and great hashtags strategy.
This are some of the posts of Jack, a user trying my hashtags on his Apex account (May 2019).
After thousands of different tests and accounts from hundreds of people, I know for sure that Hashtags are very powerful.

But after the big Instagram automation blocks started in June 2019, I worked even more on new methods, trying to replicate this success without Instagram bots.

I don't want to bore you to death with my personal story and my life, so let's fast forward to today ;)

Introducing: Niche Page System

I will be honest with you.

I could easily pack this strategy into a digital course for $499.

But I will give it to you right here and now for FREE. Yes, completely free.

Why? Because I believe that real and innovative methods are the ones created by the collaboration of different people, by contamination of different ideas and by trial and error, by you and me.

I encourage you to understand the rules of this system, then to experiment on new ideas and twist it.

In this way, we will all contribute to developing a more productive and more effective strategy, and benefit all from it. I will continuously update this page with new sections of the best ideas from the community. Just send me an email with your concept ;)

So are you ready to discover how the Niche Page System works?

The 3 building blocks for a successfull Instagram account

It turns out that after another 6 months of hard work, I was not wrong on the power of Hashtags.

But I was wrong to put all my chips on it.

While essentials, hashtags are only 1 out of 3 elements to win on Instagram.

Let's see the 3 fundamental building blocks:


The most important one. Your profile needs to be centred around only one defined topic.
For example, fitness, cars, gaming but also something as specific as healthy food.


You must post consistently every day (multiple times) viral and really high-quality videos, images and most of them into carousels. Always related strictly to your niche. It's the main reason why people will decide to follow or not your account.


You need amazing researched hashtags relative to your exact niche. Their job is to share your well-crafted posts with other people that are interested in the same niche. When used right, they will give your profile unlimited visibility.
There are also 3 secondary but also important aspects to craft:

Account name

It needs to be short and sweet. Avoid dashes, underscores or symbols.


People visiting your profile needs to know what is it about in seconds. A strong call to action will help you gain followers.


Its role is to tell a story about the content you are posting. It's better to have a similar layout for consistency in every post. 
All these elements need to be incredibly curated to succeed; Instagram is competitive.

Your Main Account and your new Niche Page Account

Remember how at the start of this guide I said: "the best way to grow your account is... to start a new account"?

That's how the Niche Page System works.

You have your actual Instagram profile set as the Main Account and a new profile set as a Niche Page Account. What's the difference?

Main Account

You post content related only to your account/brand. You use the best bio, captions and hashtags available.

Niche Page Account

You post the best and most viral content from the most engaged Instagram accounts of your niche. Sometimes you post also content from your Main Account. You use the best bio, captions and hashtags available.

Why do I need a Niche Page Account?

Think how much time do you need to craft a post for your Instagram Profile. You need to think about new ideas, make photos or videos, write a captivating caption and find the right hashtags.

Now think about the amount of effort to put into creating this but at a viral-like level. Now produce 2 or 3 of them daily. I imagine you don't want to spend all your day creating content for free on Instagram ;)

But without amazing content you can't grow, so what's the solution? A Niche Page Account.

Using it, you can offload all the work by reposting all the viral-like level content from other accounts on Instagram. You have at your disposal an almost infinite source of always new and fantastic content. You can now post 2-3 times a day to maximize your engagement.

So what are the benefits?


Posting consistently high-quality content will lead to the rapid growth of the account. 
It means an always bigger audience, credibility and business opportunities.

Targeted Follower

Being an account focused on your one niche, means high-quality followers, interested in your Main account. It results in stellar engagement.

Promote Main Account

Big page with highly targeted and engaged followers in your niche means natural new high-quality followers for your Main Account. Promote it via caption, bio, stories and highlights.
The best part?

You can create multiple Niche Page Accounts (up to 5 Instagram profiles on the same smartphone) to redirect even more traffic to your Main Account.

I feel I can predict your next question.

So what's the difference between the Niche Page System and older methods?

As I said, it's not a completely new system, but an old one adapted to be smarter and more effective.

Let's compare the Mother/Child method and the Niche Page System.

Mother/Child Method

High Quantity

It needs hundreds to thousands of accounts. You also need to manage them, to control for blocks and bans. 


The cost for software, servers,  proxies, sms verification and much more is prohibitive, and you need to pay them every month.

Bad Quality

With so many profiles, you can't personally control the quality of every single one. As a result, you get bad quality followers.


You rely entirely on automation. Instagram constantly changes the limits for daily actions. It's every day harder to continue without problems.

Niche Page System

Low Quantity

It needs your Main Account and 1 to 4 Niche Page Account. 


You don't need any special software. You can manage up to 5 accounts on your smartphone.

High Quality

You control the quality of every single one. As a result, you get high-quality followers.


Every action you make is manual from your smartphone. You don't experience blocks.
You may start to understand the significant power of the Niche Page System and how it can help grow your Instagram profile.

It's great, but (there is always a but) isn't all you have described so far a standard Feature Account? I already hear you wondering.

(If you don't know what a Feature Account does, it just repost popular content in a niche. You probably encountered a few of thems scrolling casually on Instagram.)

It depends.

The entire Feature Account Method, just as the Niche Page System, is based on the premise that you know what and where to find fantastic content and hashtags for your niche.

The dilemma is: what is considered viral? What are the best profiles in my niche? How can I avoid to waste hours on Instagram every day finding what I guess are the best images? What about hashtags?

If you are still reading so far (wow) you probably have the same questions also for the Niche Page System.

I never answered these questions.

Until now.

Nichery: Stop guessing and start winning using Big Data

This is where I spent most of my time working in the last 6 months. It's the evolution of my old and simple Hashtag Research Tool.

I'm very excited to finally present you Nichery.

What is Nichery?

It's like the most trusted advisor of a king.
It's like a machine that can predict the winning numbers at the lottery.
It's like a treasure map that helps you find hidden gems.

Nichery analyzes continuously millions of hashtags, accounts and posts searching for the very best in every niche.

And it's, without doubt, your best bet for going viral on Instagram.

This is the definition of Big Data:

"extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions."

You can't search and analyze every day, all day, all the hashtags, accounts, images and videos present in your niche. That's too much.

Nichery can do it.

Using the power of big data, it analyzes and categorizes all the information, giving you only what you really need to grow your account.

Every 24 hours it will give you, for your specific niche, the best:

- 30 hashtags
- 30 images/videos

You just need to repost these images in your Niche Page while using these hashtags.

No more guess working.

Just winning.

So much information. Can you sum up?


I know it's a lot to digest, but it doesn't need to be complicated.

Here's the brief explanation of how the Niche Page System works.

You have two Instagram profiles:

- Main Account: It's your current account in your niche. You post original content with researched hashtags.
- Niche Page Account: It's your new account, same niche of the Main one. You repost the best content from the best creators in your niche, using researched hashtags.

Notes: You can have multiple Niche Page. The process is manual, no automation.

The Niche Page Account, thanks to the amazing content published 2-3 times a day, grows fast.
It attracts only people engaged and interested in your niche.

Where do you find amazing content and researched hashtags for your niche daily? Using Nichery.

On the Niche Page Account you promote your Main Account using original content, Instagram stories, tags in pictures, mentions in the caption and highlights.

Every day your Main Account is viewed by the bigger and targeted audience of the Niche Page Account. Once your Niche Page Account is big enough, you can also monetize it selling shootouts, affiliate marketing, brand sponsorship and many other methods.

Results: More high-quality followers, increased engagement, clients or business opportunities.

Read carefully: This is not an Instagram "hack" or "fast trick". It requires time (1-2 months minimum), consistency (posting every day on Niche Page) and patience.

The good news is that your new Niche Page Account with time will become your most powerful asset.

Try to start today a new Niche Page Account using one of the free niche of Nichery and let me know your results, I'm curious about your journey!

I hope this system will help you grow your Instagram account to achieve your personal and business dreams!
I have so much more strategies and examples to show you about the Niche Page System that will surely help you, but I think this page is already too long.

If you want to know more about it or if you want to ask me any question, insert now your name and email in the field below to subscribe to my exclusive newsletter! See you on the other side ;)

Email subscription available in a few days, thanks for your patience.
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