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Unleash the real power of Big Data into an explosive growth using the right hashtags.
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The Problem

These are real phrases from real people just like you. I receive emails like this every day. There was a time when I was having the same problems, disappointed despite all the hard work and without correct answers.

"I'm trying to grow my followers, but it's pretty difficult because I don't get too much exposure."

"I've been stuck for a while with the same amount of subscribers and I've been using hashtags but it doesn't seem like I'm going anywhere."

"My biggest problem is still engagement. I earn new followers. But sadly, most of them will not see my posts in the future."

The Solution?

All the tutorials, blog post and videos, from beginners to guru, say you need to post viral content and use good hashtags to be an Instagram superstar.
And it's true. But it raises even more problems and questions.

The dilemma is: what is considered viral? What are the best profiles in my niche? How can I avoid to waste hours on Instagram every day finding what I guess are the best images? What about hashtags?

You can't search and analyze every day, all day, all the hashtags, accounts, images and videos present in your niche. That's too much.

That's why I spent the last 6 months of my time working on Nichery. It's the evolution of my old and simple Hashtag Research Tool.

Using the power of big data, Nichery analyzes and categorizes all the information, giving you only what you really need to grow your account.

And it's, without doubt, your best bet for going viral on Instagram.

This is the definition of Big Data:

"extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions."

What is Nichery?

Nichery analyzes continuously millions of hashtags, accounts and posts searching for the very best in every niche.

The Power of the Niche

Don't post content of very different things on your account.
With so many choices on Instagram, people want to follow only the best accounts, each one specialized in one interest.

Stick to one niche to find engaged and highly targeted followers that care about you.

What is considered viral?

You can't rely on guesses or sensations when choosing hashtags for your next post if you want to succeed.

Nichery is like a magic machine that can predict the winning numbers at the lottery. Except it uses science and big data to find and extract the 0.01% of the very best material.

Find the Best Content Easily

Stop waste precious time scrolling in search of the perfect post. Stop steal weak hashtags from your competitor.

Nichery is like the most trusted advisor of a king. It will show you daily the best 30 hashtags and posts so you can focus on what really matters to you.

What do I get?

Nichery extracts for you all the best information updated every 24 hours.

Best 30 Hashtags

Ready to copy-paste into your next post to up your engagement.

Hashtags Analytics

8 useful indicators to know all about the 30 hashtags extracted.

Hashtags History

A copy of every hashtag set extracted of the last 30 days.

Best 30 Images/Videos

Easily download them to repost in your account or Niche Page.

Why do I need a Custom Niche?

Wrong or too broad niche = No results.

Your account is unique.
You need unique solutions.

A good suit from a luxury outlet will make you look sharp.

But a custom suit tailored only for your body from a skilled artisan will attract all eyes on you.

You can feel the difference.

Nichery Pro allows you to create a niche personalized only on your particular account.
With such a customized niche, you will get custom hashtags and content.

That brings to your account super-targeted new followers.

Followers interested in what you do.
Followers that will buy your products.

They will drive your engagement to new levels, and Instagram will notice.

Custom niches are created with a mixture of manual human work and computer automated work to bring the best results possible.


I will ask you to fill a quick form with some simple questions. It will help me to understand your particular needs and create the best custom niche for your account.


I will use then use the information from the manual step, to "teach" (using machine learning and artificial intelligence) Nichery what and where to search.
Once the training is finished, Nichery will constantly search and analyze the best material only for your specific niche.

Is it really for me?

Nichery isn't the definitive answer for everyone. Only for a specific niche of people ;)


It's for you if you have an Instagram account on a specific niche. 
For example, you have a pet, car or even luxury watch account.

It will work even better if you run a business and you are trying to get more clients/sales.
For example, you are a photographer, an artist or you have an e-commerce that sells clothes.

If you post completely different things from completely different niches all the time, Nichery will not help you.


If you are a freelancer or an agency specialized in Social Media Management and Instagram, Nichery will help you tremendously.

You will save hours and money everyday, previously spent on hashtags and content research for your clients.

You can offer your clients amazing results and engagement and beat the competition, without any more work from your part.

If you manage multiple clients, it will be a lifesaver.

The Results?

Here are some results of personal and client accounts in the past using the right hashtags. 
I think they speak for themselves.

Access "The Network" - Exclusive Community

When you order a custom niche, you will be invited into an exclusive discord server to be a member of an exclusive community.

Join the Discord Server

A friendly community full of like-minded people is awaiting you. The monthly cost of the service is worth it for this server alone.

Talking and sharing stories and tips directly with other users committed to solving their problems with Instagram will help you and your account growing incredibly. The real power is in the community.

How much does it cost?

Simple monthly price with no hidden fees. Cancel the service whenever you want.

Shared Niche

Full features

Shared with other users

Few niches available

No invite to Discord Server
Free Forever

Custom Niche

Full features

Private access

Every niche available

Invite to Discord Server
44$ monthly

14 days full, money-back, no questions asked guarantee.

I’m certain you’re going to love Nichery, and that’s one reason why my current return rate is so low.

I want to make sure that you’re 100% happy with me, your new custom niche and your purchasing experience which is why I always offer a full, no fuss money back guarantee if it turns out it’s not for you for whatever reason.

How can I order my Custom Niche?

It's an easy 3 step process. Your custom niche will be ready in 48-72 hours.

Step 1

Compile the form.

It will be quick to reply to the few questions, but it's vital to compile it correctly. 

For semplicity, I divided it into 2 pages. Reply to all question and click on the grey button "Continue to next step".

The results you will be getting depends on the accuracy of your replies. Click the "Create my custom niche" button to send your replies to me.

Step 2

Pay the custom niche.

If it's your first time ordering a custom niche, you will need to register a new account. Insert your email, an account will be created automatically for you.

If you already have a RiseDecoded account, enter your email and password to continue to the next step.

After you have created your new account or logged in, you will able to pay the order. It's effortless and takes under one minute.

Step 3

Access your Dashboard.

After you pay, I will start the creation of your custom niche.

I need 48-72 hours to train Nichery Pro. I will send you an email when it's complete.

Log in using the button on the menu. You will find your custom niche in your personal dashboard.

Order now your Custom Niche

Compile the form below to start!
  • Custom Niche
  • Strategy


Do you have some question about the service? Look here first.

How many followers can you guarantee on my account?

Unfortunately, I can't guarantee a base number of followers or engagement percentage every month. Every niche is different, so the growth. Bigger niches provide more exposure because more people follow them, so it's possible to grow faster relative to less popular ones.

What if I need more than one custom niche?

You can order how many custom niche you want. Just repeat the same quick process for every new niche. Remember that every single niche is 44$ every month.

How can I pay? Is it secure?

I use Stripe as a payment gateway on this website, so it accepts all major debit and credit cards from customers in every country. Stripe is certified to the highest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses around the world.


If you have any doubts or a specific request that stop you from ordering a custom niche, contact me using the form below. I will reply personally to every question.

Can you sum up?

On this page, there is all the information you need to order a custom niche.
Here's a short version of it.

What do I get?

The best and most effective 30 hashtags and content, personalized on your custom niche and updated every 24 hours. Also an invite to an exclusive community in a Discord server.

How much is it?

44$ every month for 1 custom niche. No string attached, cancel whenever you want.
You can try it safely thanks to  a 14 Days Full, Money-Back, No Questions Asked Guarantee.

How can I order?

It's a simple 3 step process and takes 48-72 hours.
You need to compile a quick form. Pay the order. I review your data and send you a link to login to your dashboard when it's ready.
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