After analyzing 24/7 over 10.000-20.000 Instagram accounts in this niche, the Free Source Research Tool picked these 7 sources as the best and most engaging. Copy and paste them in your Instagram Bot settings, and you are ready to go!

New Sources are updated automatically every 48-72 hours. 

There are some rules you need to understand when targetting Instagram accounts. On your own profile, use high-quality content, craft your own or take it from other users in your niche, giving them credit in your caption. Be sure to use a catchy caption, and optimize all the aspects of your account. This will ensure people landing on your profile from your target strategy are more propense to follow back!


Here you can see the analytics of every Instagram account chosen. It shows you the Username, Number of followers, Number of posts, Average likes, Average comments, Engagement, Tags and Score.

This tool uses Google Vision API, a powerful image analysis service, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, that checks every Instagram account analyzed to be sure it's in the right niche. Tags column display the results of image analysis to classify the accounts. Score value ranges from 1 to 100, and display the precision of the Instagram content image/video analysis.