What's new in the RiseDecoded Hashtag Research Tool 3.2?

Welcome to the biggest update of the software so far.

Version 3.2 introduces exciting new features that help you make hashtag research easily and quickly.

Let's start!

New Feature - Extractor

After months of hard work, you requested, and it's finally here.

How do I choose the best hashtags for my account from the thousands researched by the software?

The old solution was to export all to Google Sheets and extract hashtags manually.

Boring and repetitive.

The new Extractor introduces a new concept of Sets.

Every set is composed of keywords and extraction rules.

First, you research the keywords you want by inserting them in the "New Search".

When they finish, you click on "Extractor".

You can create a new set by inserting all the simple information required:
Then you click the gold button "Save" and the software automatically extract the best hashtags set from all the data researched.
If you see some hashtags not related to your content, you can polish your set.

Simply click on the X before the hashtag to blacklist it.

It will not appear again in future searches.
They are now ready to be copy-pasted on your next Instagram post!

If you scroll down, you can also see a lot of other useful sections and information.

An essential part of getting good results with hashtags is to maintain them updated.

Using the Extractor, this is easily achievable.

Scroll down to the Keywords Update Panel.

If one of your keywords is older than 24-48 hours, you should update it by clicking on the gold button "Update Set".

A popup will appear, and you can choose which keyword to update and the estimated time to complete on the various speed plans.
Then on a new screen, you will see the update status of all the keywords.
Now you can create, manage, and update unlimited Sets from the keywords researched easily and instantaneously, to receive the best hashtags personalized for your account.

That's magic.

Improvement - Keywords

If you tried previous versions of the software, you would notice that the "Dashboard" menu element is gone.

I decided to change the name to "Keywords" as it better describes it.
Old vs New
In this section, you can manage, update, and delete all the keywords you researched.

The Keyword list area has a brand new interface!
Old vs New
I hope this will help you to manage your keywords list easily.

Another change is in the successful researched state of a keyword.

You will not see the best 30 hashtags anymore, but a banner to use the Extractor to do the job.
Old vs New
As you already saw, using the Extractor, you have way more power and flexibility to extract your hashtags than the bland and standard way of the previous versions.

New - Help

An entirely new section is available clicking on the menu element "Help".
There are various information on using the software and two types of contact to receive support.

Also, on different parts of the software, I added little info-circle white icons near to titles.

If you hover your mouse on it, it will appear a tooltip with more information about that specific section.
There is a new popup to help identify what caused failed set on the extractor.
And also, a banner that links to the new 7673 words massive guide: Tiny Hashtag Strategy.

It contains everything you need to know to use hashtags on Instagram in the right way to go viral in 2020.
As you can see, I did a lot of work to make the software more intuitive and easy to use.

Improvement - Bugfixes

The software was tested extensively on Windows and Mac.

Many small bugs were fixed, and the software is now more stable and quicker than ever.
That's all for the 3.2 version of the RiseDecoded Hashtag Research Tool.

I hope it will help you saving time and making better hashtag researches for your Instagram account.

What was the feature you preferred in this update?
What feature would you like to see in the future?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!
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hi where i can download this version for mac please